Things to do in Tara

Explore the road less travelled in the peaceful town of Tara; as far from city life as you can imagine!  You’ll find everything at Tara happens at a relaxed pace and travelers are always welcome to stay as long as they like.

Why not take a visit to the Lagoon Parklands featuring Settlers Park and the Walk of Remembrance Garden?  The Lagoon is a cool place to relax and or get active with a complete outdoor gym.  Take a picnic down to the water’s edge, fish or wander through the interpretive walk to see an abundance of birdlife.

Flora and Fauna displays are abundant throughout the region with some very rare species present.  You can also see some of the best examples of ironbark, spotted gum and cypress pine trees.

The Tara Commercial Hotel is home to several local paintings by Hugh Sawrey and don’t miss the chance to meet Barbara Geisel and see her famous work as a wool artist.

Bus Brisbane to Tara from just $49.40

List of Towns in close Proximity on Bus Qld Routes

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Visitor Information

19 Fry Street
(07) 4678 7804