Things to do in St George

St George is an oasis in the bush. Life here is easy with the river the source of rest and play for the friendly locals who welcome visitors to share their town.

Walk along the two kilometre stretch of shady riverbank walkway flanking the town.  The Balonne Shire has a reputation for the best inland fishing in Queensland. Settle in at the riverbank for a quiet afternoon in search of the great Murray cod and yellowbelly.  There are also plenty of quiet spots to picnic and throw in a line like Beardmore Dam and Jack Taylor Weir.

You'll have a whole new appreciation for the humble egg once you've visited The Unique Egg in St George. You'll see the work of local character and artisan Steve Margaritis and his daughter Panorea who have created the world's only display of carved, illuminated emu eggs.

Bus Brisbane to St George from just $111.70

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  • Riversands Winery
  • St George Pilots Memorial
  • Riverbank Walkway

Visitor Information

114 St George's Terrace
St George, Qld 4487
Phone: 07 4620 8877
Fax: 07 4625 4998