Things to do in Richmond

Nowhere else in the Outback offers fishing and fossicking in the same place than the rural town of Richmond.  You’ll find Richmond right in the middle of the Tennant Creek.  Fortunately access to town does not require a boat, as it would have done 110 million years ago when it was 40 metres under water.

Lake Fred Tritton offers refuge from the sparse plains of the Overlander’s Way. The lake is fully stocked with barramundi and many other species of fish. The lake can also be used for canoeing, water skiing, sailing and swimming.  It is also a hub for town activities and events throughout the year.

Richmond is not just about the marine life however. The town’s pastoral and Indigenous heritage is unearthed through a number of attractions including the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre, the Interpretative Historical walk and the Bush Tucker Gardens.

Keep your eye out for Moonrocks!

Bus Townsville to Richmond from just $68.40

List of Towns in close Proximity on Bus Qld Routes

  • Richmond
  • Julia Creek
  • Mt Isa


  • Kronosaurus Korner
  • Lake Fred Tritton
  • Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre
  • The Historical Walk

Visitor Information

Address: 91-93 Goldring Street
Richmond QLD 4822
Phone: 07 47 413 429