Things to do in Moura

It is no secret that coal mining has played a major role in the town of Moura’s development and this can be easily witnessed as you enter the town.  Massive dump trucks can be seen crawling up the towering piles of earth, but to gain a closer perspective of these huge pieces of machinery, check out the special viewing platform.

The town is also blessed with several parks including the recently redeveloped Lions Park. It is pretty hard to miss; just keep an eye out for the rocket!

Make sure you stop by the saleyards and witness a real country cattle auction, held each fortnight. But be careful who you wave to, or you might end up with a few head of Brahmans!

While there is a diverse range of things to see and do around Moura, the highlight has to be the mighty Dawson River.  Spend time fishing or boating or just enjoy the peace and quiet with the local birds and wildlife.

Bus Toowoomba to Moura from just $85.10

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  • 150th Meridian Marker
  • Moura Coalmine
  • Moura Museum
  • Moura Weir

Visitor Information

34 Gillespie St
Moura QLD 4718, Australia
07 4992 9500