Things to do in Blackall

Blackall is an appealing country town with tree lined streets and heritage buildings with a prominent sheep and cattle industry. Blackall has a strong community focus and offers a quiet and relaxed outback lifestyle ideal for those who want to experience a close-knit community.

Blackall’s heritage experiences include unique links to Jackie Howe, “Beyond the Black Stump”, water that flowed off the dinosaurs back and a fully working steam driven Woolscour.

Blackall is located on the largest grassy ecosystem in Australia, the Mitchell Grass Downs. Here you will see Mitchell grassland which has a light covering of trees including boree, gidgee and coolibah with emu-bush along watercourses.

Bus Toowoomba to Blackall from just $113.00

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  • Woolscour
  • Jackie Howe
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Visitor Information

Ram Park, Blackall
P: 07 4657 4637
F: 07 4657 4913