Looking For A Unique Travel Destination? Try St George Queensland

St George, Queensland, is an ‘oasis in the bush’.  The tiny town with a small population, is positioned 513 km inland, west from Brisbane, beside the serene Balonne river. It boasts wide streets with heritage buildings such as the original post office built in 1872 and many natural attractions. Most famous of all is a curious souvenir shop – The Unique Egg, found only in St George! 

What is there to do in St George, Queensland? 

Aside from experiencing what life is like in a rural Queensland town sprinkled with heritage buildings, St George offers visitors some rather interesting experiences:


  • The St George Heritage Centre is home to a collection of historical memorabilia connected to the town. 
  • The Riversands Vineyard produces white and red wines (including an award-winning Merlot), muscat and port made from locally-harvested grapes.  Enjoy a wine and a cheese platter or ploughman’s lunch in the well-established gardens.  The Riversands Vineyard is 2km south west of the CBD.
  • Sandytown River Cruise.  Enjoy the serenity of St George’s best natural asset, the beautiful Balonne river, which forms part of Australia's principal river the Murray/Darling. 

The Unique Egg in St George

The un-egg-spected most popular attraction in St George is The Unique Egg. Nowhere else in the world will you find decorated emu egg carvings quite like these.  Steve Margaritis has been hand carving emu eggs for more than 60 years.  This talented man’s carved and painted emu eggs are on display and are for sale at The Unique Egg.  

“The display is amazing and is unbelievable that one man could be so skilled in carving the Emu egg. Numerous carved eggs on display including eggs carved by the owner's daughter - Definitely has the "WOW" factor and is a must see - worth visiting.” GT0049, Trip Advisor 

Take home a souvenir like no other: buy a specially decorated emu egg, found nowhere else but St George in Queensland.  Watching Steve Margaritis carve away at an emu egg is something to behold, and the collection of carved emu eggs on display is awe-inspiring.  Emu egg carvings for sale vary in price. Entry to take a look at the wonders inside The Unique Egg is only $5 per person.

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The Unique Egg Quick Reference Guide

Name: The Unique Egg, St George
Address: 108 Victoria Street, Saint George, Queensland
Phone: (07) 4625 3490
Price: $5 Entry fee
Trip Advisor rating: 4.5 stars

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