Moura Meridian Marker

Moura’s Meridian Marker shows the position of the line on which Queensland Eastern Standard Time is based. Whether you’re holidaying in Moura Queensland or just passing through, check out the marker for some truly memorable photos. There’s nowhere else on earth like it – literally!

Why visit?

The Meridian Marker in Moura is on the 150th meridian, meaning it lies at longitude 150° E. If you’re looking at a world map of meridians, the Greenwich meridian in England is point 0. All other locations are measured in terms of their angle east or west of this line. At the time of the equinox, a day is exactly 12 hours long anywhere on the meridian line. It would be a fantastic time of year to check out Moura! 
At the marker site, rocks with drill holes from the local mines have been lined up to represent the exact angle and location of the longitude line. If you peer through the holes, you’re looking along the 150th meridian, which you can find nowhere else on earth. 
The line might be imaginary, but the memories you make during your visit won’t be. Take your camera and have a blast creating something visually stunning to commemorate your trip to this unique landmark!  

What’s on offer?

After you’ve had your fill of the meridian line and its surrounds, why not check out the bird’s-eye viewing platform of the open cut coal mine on Gibihi Road? Australia has some magnificent natural scenery, but we’ve also been responsible for some amazing technological and engineering feats! The kids will marvel at this massive hole in the earth, which supplies the fuel required to power so many of our modern day conveniences. 
Local legend disputes the origin of the town’s name. Depending on who you ask, it was either named after the early pastoralist Charles Marshall who served in Moura in Portugal with the British Army; or, ‘moura’ could be a version of the local Indigenous word for cattle dog. You can discover more about the history of the town and its long association with primary industries and local Indigenous cultures at the Moura Museum in Gillespie Street. 
The Moura Museum includes a tribute to the town’s School of the Arts, a true creative force in this small community, and a display of Japanese fans donated by the Japanese Mitsui Mining Company.  
When it comes to natural beauty, Moura Queensland lies on the banks of the scenic Dawson River. It’s ideal for a spot of fishing or a paddle in a kayak, especially when it’s time to cool off on a hot day. 


Moura is a fascinating, authentic outback town to be enjoyed as a break from the big smoke, or as a stopover on your next Queensland road trip. Let Bus Queensland take you there! 

Moura Meridian Marker Quick Reference Guide

Name: Moura Meridian Marker
Address: 18230 Dawson Highway, Moura, Banana Area, Queensland
Phone: 07 4992 2405
Price:  Free

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