Matilda Way

Charleville to Mt Isa: Welcome to the Matilda Highway, a fully sealed stretch of road from the New South Wales border, all the way to the Gulf of Carpentaria. This is one road which most definitely leads to adventure, and a different one each day. The highway can be completed in as little of 24 hours, but that’s one heck of a drive and you’ll be missing out on the ‘real Outback’… that is, the people, the attractions and natural sites. Bus Queensland takes you along the Charleville to Cloncurry section of the highway.

Adventure Way

Brisbane to Cunnamulla: You've got the spirit of adventure; let that lead you on the outback trip of a lifetime through southern Queensland to some of Australia's most remote and iconic outback townships. Getting away early is easy when you're eager to explore new destinations, so there's no doubt that Brisbane will be in the rearview mirror before you can say "let's go on a road trip". 

Overlander’s Way

Townsville to Mount Isa: From the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and pristine beaches of north Queensland to the rugged rocky outcrops and red sand of north-west Queensland and into the Northern Territory, the Overlanders' Way will take you through architecturally rich historic towns, a dinosaur graveyard and to the home of some of the world's quirkiest events; without even leaving the bitumen. Follow in the footsteps of Australia's droving heroes, who drove mobs of thousands of cattle from the Northern Territory across Queensland's vast interior to the coastal markets and discover the unspoilt beauty of the outback.

Leichhardt Way

Rockhampton to Brisbane: From the Capricorn Coast you’ll be driven through some of Australia’s powerhouse agricultural lands, and Australia’s real powerhouses: coal mines. You’ll cross the beautiful Dividing Range and travel through cattle and sheep country, cotton and sunflower fields, and if you decide to go out to St George, there are options to take you into the Outback.

Brisbane to St George Loop

Brisbane to St George Loop: Brisbane across the productive Lockyer Valley up to Toowoomba and then out across the Darling Downs to Dalby, Moonie, and St George before heading back via Goondiwindi on the border and to Toowoomba and Brisbane (see itinerary above for details of the what you’ll see along the way). Remember from St George you can take trips out to Cunnamulla and/or the amazing Lightening Ridge, including Dirranbandi and Hebel along the way.