Ghost Tours Inspired By The Gold Rush

When you arrive in the historic town of Charters Towers, it’s easy to be enchanted by the quaint streetscapes and lovely heritage buildings. But don’t be fooled! This iconic ‘Gold Rush’ town has a lot more to its history than meets the eye. Discover a history that’s not for the fient hearted (but thrilling to the superstitious) with Charters Towers ghost tours.

All that glitters is not gold – the hidden history of Charters Towers

A group of keen fossickers, including Hugh Mosman, George Clark, John Fraser and their ‘horse boy’ Jupiter, struck gold in Charters Towers back in 1871. As the news spread, a rush of eager men quickly followed. From 1872 to 1899 the population grew and this sleepy town became a thriving city of 25,000. With the influx of new inhabitants came grand buildings – banks and the stock exchange, houses and hotels. Many of these were established in central Mosman Street because it had good access to a permanent water supply. It’s here that storekeepers, butchers, blacksmiths and hoteliers worked amongst the hustle and bustle of gold seekers. Some of the elegant facades remain in the street to this day. But it is what went on behind the shopfronts and bank counters that gives the town its many eerie ghost stories. From urban legends to true tales of woe, Charters Towers seems to be a hub of activity for the supernatural! Luckily, you don’t have to be a local to experience this dark side of Charters Towers. Ghost tours are the best way to be transported back in time through riveting storytelling as you visit places like the Stock Exchange Arcade, World Theatre and the Royal Hotel – and learn their secrets.

Tours to unleash your inner ghostbuster

If you’re looking to channel your inner ghostbuster, see an apparition or simply getter a better sense of what life was really like in the Gold Rush era, you’re in luck. Previous participants of the Charters Towers ghost tours have seen shadowy figures and even captured spectres on film. According to tour leaders, some of the resident ghosts are friendly and some are not. Perhaps the unfriendly ghosts paid a high price for their greed back in the Gold Rush days?

Essential ghostbusting equipment for the tour

The Charters Towers ghost tours require you to come along with an open mind. You should also bring your camera and a digital voice recorder – just in case. For experienced ghost hunters, electromagnetic frequency detectors are great for finding evidence of supernatural activity. Ghosts love to mess with electronic fields! Bring some backup batteries, matches and a candle too. It is believed that ghost energy can drain the charge from devices like cameras, recorders and torches. You definitely don’t want to be left in the dark! When it comes to things to do in Charters Towers, put ghost tours at the top of your list. You won’t find a better place to experience creepy, unearthly and enlightening fun!

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Charters Towers Ghost Tours Quick Reference Guide

 Name: Charters Towers Ghost Tours

Address: Charters Towers Post Office, Corner Bow Street and Gill Street, Charters Towers

Phone: 07 3344 7265 (10.30am – 3.30pm Monday to Friday),  Charters Towers Visitor Information Centre 07 4761 5533


Price:  $15 Adults , $12.50 Concession/Seniors/Students,  $30 Family (2 Adults + 2 Children/Teens)

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