Experience The Wonders Of The Outback Night Sky In Charleville Qld

If you spend most of your time in a city or major town, it’s likely you’ve never seen the Milky Way in all its shining glory. That’s why you need to visit the Cosmos Centre in Charleville. It’s here you’ll experience the true wonder of an outback night sky, without street lights or pollution to spoil the view. High powered telescopes transport you into space at the Charleville Cosmos Centre, while knowledgeable guides share their expertise about the Milky Way galaxy, planets and our moon. “Amazing attraction and insight into the sky and stars. Great view through the telescope with very helpful staff. The laser seemed to reach up to and touch the stars the commentator pointed to. We then got to see these stars through the telescopes. The way the roof slides sideways to reveal the stars is great. A must visit when in Charleville.” – Marietta N., Trip Advisor

Charleville is where you can experience cosmos tours in Australia by day and by night

The observatory is popular with its night sky sessions where the Milky Way, star clusters, planets and nebulae seem so close through the telescope you can almost touch them. But did you know you can also get a closer look at the sun? With the aid of a powerful filter, visitors can view the sun through the telescope from May to September each year. “We were in Charleville a couple of days ago and had the opportunity to do the 'Astronomy by Day' and the Cosmos by night tours. They were both very amazing and we enjoyed them very much. The Astronomy by Day enabled us to look through a powerful filtered telescope at the sun to see spots and solar flares. On the night tour we looked through a 14" powerful reflective telescope at Saturn and other stars as well as the moon. We were very lucky to have a clear sky for both viewings. The staff were very helpful and informative. They were not large groups each time so that gave us plenty of time for looking through the telescope.” – RockyLass, Trip Advisor Your day time stop at the Cosmos Centre also includes learning more about astronomical science. You can hold meteorites and discover why Pluto is no longer considered a planet. It’s education in action, for all ages. Charleville is home to the best of outback cosmos travel, Australia style!

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More reasons for you to stopover in Charleville, Queensland

The Cosmos Centre is just one of the many attractions for you to enjoy if you’re making the trip from Brisbane to Charleville or travelling up to Mount Isa. While in Charleville, try an ‘Up Close and Personal Encounter’ with a Bilby at The Bilby Experience, located in King Street. Not only will you be able to learn more about this gorgeous creature, you can help support the Save the Bilby fund and get this tiny little marsupial off the endangered species list. Why not give a nod to another Australian icon during your Charleville stay by visiting the Royal Flying Doctor Service Visitor Centre? It’s here you can learn about the long history of this vital service from its beginnings right through to today’s current operations. For even more things to do and see in Charleville, or to make attraction and accommodation bookings, we recommend taking a trip to the Charleville Visitor Information Centre located on Qantas Drive (within the Cosmos Centre).

There’s so much more to Charleville than you think. Add it to your itinerary now and give us a call!

Charleville Cosmos Centre & Observatory Quick Reference Guide

Name: Charleville Cosmos Centre and Observatory

Address: Milky Way, off the Matilda Highway, Charleville, Queensland

Phone: 07 4654 7771

Website: http://www.cosmoscentre.com/

Price:  Prices start at $10 Adults, $5 Children (4-14yrs)


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 Trip Advisor rating: 4.5 stars