Backpackers: Want CHEAP Travel? Bus Queensland is Cheap and CHEERFUL!

Gosh darn it Australia is huge.  I mean, like, there's just so much space.  It's really rather mind blowing right?  So much to see... but the travel costs are probably blowing your mind, and your budget right now.  So, we're here to boast, Bus Queensland has the cheapest travel options in Outback Queensland.  Seriously.  We did the maths.  Because it's hard to calculate the Aussie dollar in these fluctuating financial times, we've put it in context for our beloved backpackers.  We've measure JUST HOW CHEAP our comfy bus services are... in beers.

Brisbane to Dalby

OK, so you're taking a weekend minibreak or even a day trip?  Surely, there's not much difference between our comfy coach prices and theirs?  The service is terrific. The booking is easy.  The seats are the same size... there won't be a beer's worth in it right?

3.4 beers difference

3.4 beers difference

So, basically, you can go with them, get off in Dalby and sit in the backpackers and listen to the others drink beers or you can join them for 3.4 beers!*  And baby, by Queensland standards, this is a teeny tiny little trip.  Let's talk long haul savings!

Brisbane to Mount Isa

We compared the fares. We checked out other bus services from Brisbane to Mount Isa, we calculate you'll have beer budget for:

By traveling Bus Queensland Brisbane to Mount Isa, backpackers can get themsleves 40.6 beers.*

That's quite a weekend out! Even the heartiest of hearty backpackers has to admit 40.6 beers is a saving worth making.  It could be a couple of nights in a backpackers' hostel.  It could be a fancy meal (not a bite of ramen in sight). We love our backpackers so we offer Outback Queensland cheapest bus fares!

Check out all our info for backpackers, including our 188 Day Pass - so you can work, play and enjoy a beer or two at your leisure.  All at Queensland's most affordable travel rates.

*Based on 1 way fare, current at January 27th 2016.  Calculated on domestic pot rates of $5 per beer. Comparison between Bus Queensland's ticket price and a leading competitor.