I Will Not Let Distance Keep Us Apart...Outback Grandparents Get Connected

Outback families know the story too well.  The younger generation head off to cities to study and find work.  They find love, settle down and start their families thousands of kilometers away.  Life gets busy.  You're delighted that your child is building a career, but it means less time for family.  

For regional and remote mums and dads, it's hard to see their kids take off, but when grandchildren are born, it can be heartbreaking.  Now there's even less time for travel and staying in touch.  It's one of the hardest things for a parent to miss; more and more they're vowing to keep the family bond strong.

I will not let distance keep us apart

It's a phenomenon we've noticed here at Bus Queensland.  Regional Nannas and Pops are now committing to an annual visit to the grandkids.  For many grandparents, this can mean visiting multiple cities and towns to catch up with all the kids.  We've noticed that these grey nomads are opting for ten day bus passes instead of a simple return ticket, as they vow to keep in touch with other family along the way.

The ultimate present for your children


As the grand kids hit school age, your children may be feeling the pressure of being far from you.  School holiday care isn't just expensive, it's spending their precious childhoods with strangers. Outback grandparents are stepping in and giving the greatest gift they can to both their kids and their grandchildren - school holidays at nan's house.  It helps kids reconnect with their heritage, it helps you keep that special bond with your grandchildren and mum and dad can feel the relief of knowing their babies are safe and spending quality time. 

Give a real gift this school holiday


Bring your grandchildren home - bring them on a cross country adventure.  Give them a glimpse of their roots and show them how mum or dad used to live.  Connect them.  Kids over 12 can travel direct to you on a Bus Queensland service.  Kids under 12 can come, accompanied by an adult 18 or over.  Sounds like a great way to see all the grandkids, from primary school to university - have them home for holidays and stay connected.

Spend time helping your daughter or son

Grandma is coming to stay!  Next school holidays, hit the city and care for your grandkids while mum and dad work.  Let them invite you into their world.  Meet their friends, let them show you their school and their room.  Learn all about their favourite sports and what gets them chattering.  Reconnect and have real conversations, not just on your stay but on the phone when you're back home.  

Will you vow to never let distance come between you and family?  Can you carve out a few weeks a year to reconnect?  Bus Queensland is here to help.  How can we be of assistance?

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