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There are 24 million Aussie stories - what's yours?  We believe in telling Queensland's stories and for that, we need your help.  Every traveler has a tale to tell - from the most inspiring and exciting journey, to the quiet thoughts you have along the way.  There's nothing quite like a traveler's tales, and there's nowhere so inspiring as the great open roads of Outback Queensland. 

Share your journey.  While aboard your coach, why not take some time to pen some thoughts on your journey. The thrill of leaving home, and the joy of returning.  The adventures that lay ahead on your second year visa.  The little moments from your "trip of a lifetime" - they're all Queensland stories and we need your help to share them.

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For a few hours, we're travelers together.  Your Bus Queensland outback tour experience is part of our experience.  We've shared some pretty amazing moments with our passengers over the years.  Our regulars know our drivers and share a laugh at dinner time, and a tear when their travel takes them far from family and loved ones. We invite you to share our time together here on our blog.  

Need inspiration?  Check out ABC's Open Story Project

The ABC's Open Stories have inspired us! Why not take a look while we head out onto the open road.  Get inspired to pen your story on the quiet open stretches between towns.  While the landscape unfolds before you, tell us what it means to be a Queenslander.

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Get in touch with Bus Queensland now to share your story.  We'd love to share your words, images and video here on the blog and on our social media pages.