Top 10 Reasons to see the Outback by Bus!


1. The Adventure

There's something about catching a bus to somewhere that just feels adventurous. Bus travel has the power to make us all feel like free-spirited nomads.  

2. The Views

We travel to see the world, don't we? What does the Outback really look like? You’ll see exactly just how big it is, and that it’s not just the big red rocks or flat red earth of the photos in ads! You'll see mountain panoramas, big skies and the horizon as far away as you can see with your face pressed to the glass of your window seat. You'll see hidden gems that you would never have a chance to see when taking a plane. The biggest surprise? The waterways across the Outback; it's a heaven for watersports!

2. It's Affordable!

It's a big country, and you'll want to make your budget stretch for maximum adventure, and to experience as much of the Outback as you possibly can, for as long as you can, especially if you've come all the way to Australia from a distant home! When you create your own itinerary, taking the bus to your choice of destinations, and booking your own style of accommodation, you can track every dollar, spending it where you want to. With comfy seats, you can even save on accommodation costs by sleeping whilst travelling! Bus tickets are cheaper than any airfare you will find.

3. It's Flexible and Convenient

You don’t have to book months in advance or pay crazy last-minute-change-of-plans-fees when you decide to stay on somewhere for a bit longer. There are no security checkpoint queues, shoes-off bag inspections, or carry-on liquids limitations, and no need to arrive hours in advance then sit around waiting. Your luggage won't go missing, and you can travel with big items- a swag, a pram, a surfboard (wait, what?).  You land right downtown, instead of spending another hour commuting from the airport to where you're staying. Best of all, you won't need the luxury of knowing your plans far in advance: ticket prices won't soar the closer you get to your departure date.

4. Travelling with Mates

Strangers in the Outback are just mates you haven’t met yet! When you travel on the bus the locals use, the guy sitting next to you can give you local insights, and you'll probably end up experiencing stunning parts of the Outback that are nowhere to be found online. You'll meet travellers like you, and you never know, you may like the sound of their plans and tag along with them. And you can travel with as many or as few friends as you want. You won't have to abandon your dream roadtrip because the friend you were going to share the petrol with can't make it, or you can travel with a whole bunch of mates not all squished together in a little car. Plus the drivers are friendly and knowledgeable :-)

5. Pit Stops

One of the best things about travelling by bus is that it stops all through the journey for short breaks--you can stretch, get some fresh air, use an actual bathroom, and recharge your batteries with a hot meal and some coffee.

6. More Places To See

Bus travel is ideal for adventurers. There are so many Outback small towns [link to descriptions] with  a rich history, and national parks just waiting to be explored, and you can't get to most of these easily by plane. A bus, on the other hand, will take you directly to your point of interest.

7. Travelling in Style

Your only responsibility is to make sure you’re comfy. Air-conditioned coaches enable you to sit in comfort while soaking in all the sights. If you're driving your own car, you can't usually enjoy that without veering off the road. Long-distance trips across the Outback take a fair bit of time, but that's a blessing! How often do you have unlimited time to really get lost in a good book, or connect to your partner, or treat yourself to spending time on something important to you. On Bus Queensland you can charge your phone on some routes, so you won't run out of gaming battery, or you can watch a movie on others.

8. No Strings Attached

When you take a bus to the destination you choose, you’ll be taken there, and that’s it. Not via a ‘really cool gift shop’ or to a hostel that ‘you're bound to love’. You’re not on a school fieldtrip where participation in expensive tourist activities is obligatory. You've got the freedom to stop and see things that interest you rather than those that meet someone else's agenda.

9: It's Eco-friendly!

Travel contributes a lot to global warming, but buses can use up to 60% less energy than other means, and a bus can replace 30 cars! Choosing to travel by bus shows that you're not eco-ignorant, and you care about the amazing planet you're exploring!

10. It’s Easy to Book Online

Taking the bus is easy to book; [link to online booking] you can do it all online 24/7. Need any help? Call 1300 287 537 for the cost of a local call, and a friendly Outback mate will help you get on the road.

When you arrive at your destination, you'll always be happy that you took a bit more time getting there. So, stop hesitating and book your next trip today to see for yourself how awesome buses are, and what you can discover!



Cristy Houghton

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