Backpacking around Australia? Hop on Bus QUeensland!

Get 188 days of unlimited travel!  88 days to work, 100 to explore!

Backpackers: don't just work in rural Australia, explore the outback without blowing your budget. Extend your stay and extend your play with a hop on hop off bus pass to Queensland's vast west!  Get eligible for a second year’s working visa with 88 days of rural work. Use this time to live an enviable real Outback adventure, working shoulder to shoulder with the amazing personalities who live miles from Australia’s ‘comfy coast’.

"De-tour" off the beaten track and experience the Australia that very few backpackers see.  Live the outback life and explore the west in stunning Outback Queensland. It’s full of amazing experiences, even water sports and whitewater! Some of Australia’s best events are in the outback, and it's nothing like what you’ve see back home. On top of visiting Queensland’s gorgeous and famous coast, make sure you don’t miss getting out to the real Australia.

How to get to Outback Queensland cheaply! 

Outback Queensland is a big place!  In fact, our outback is bigger than all of the countries in Western Europe combined!  How do you get to see it all cheaply?  The cheapest way to see outback Queensland for backpackers is in an air-conditioned, comfortable hop on hop off bus.  Bus Queensland offers the cheapest option without missing out on any of creature comforts.  Train travel and flights to outback Queensland are significantly more expensive. With a Bus Queensland Outback hop on hop off pass, you're not only getting the cheapest travel possible, you're also getting the freedom to explore this great vast land.

Hop on hop off bus passes - From Western QLD to the Reef

It's the best value backpacker deal in Australia!  As you head out to your second year visa job, you'll have plenty of time to hop off and explore the natural landscape of real Australia.  From artesian  hot springs, to archaeological digs to "outrageously Aussie" festivals and events - there's nowhere else like it on Earth.  There's no experience so profound as looking out over an endless horizon of reds, greens and oranges under bright blue skies.  You'll see more stars in a glimpse than you will in your lifetime.  There is nothing like the vastness and beauty of the Australian outback, and only Bus Queensland can help you see it at this backpacker bargain price!

Do the tour from Brisbane to your farm or station job, hop on, hop off along the way.  Stay your 88 days in the Queensland outback and then hop on and hop off all the way back to the Great Barrier Reef.  Why take the road always traveled when you can detour through the experience of a lifetime?  


Extend your visa and travel further with Bus Queensland  


Accommodation around Outback Queensland:

Travellers' Haven in Mt Isa is the only genuine hostel in Outback Queensland but you can also stay in pubs which are hubs of local social life, as well as caravan parks and motels.